3 Set Finger and Grip Strengthening Therapy Exercise Squeeze Eggs Stress Balls



1.Hand grip strength exerciser to improve hands, fingers, forearms strength.

2.Three balls have different resistances,you can find the perfect resistance for your needs!

3.Reduce stress,relieve joint pain and eases muscle tension from typing,gaming or other computer work.

4.Increase finger flexibility, improve strength, prevent stiffness with simple exercises.

5.Work well for the recovery of rheumatoid arthritis,carpal tunnel rehabilitation and tendonitis.

6.Regular use prevents the hand injuries and pain. It is always better to prevent injuries than to treat it later.

7.Provide sensory input for children with ADHD, hyperactive kids, and autism, to improve focus and concentration.

8.A perfect tool for exercising.Use at home or in work/office.

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